The effect of cymatics frequencies on matter

The effect of cymatics frequencies on matter

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How To Cheaply Upgrade Your PS4’s Hard Drive

A faster hard drive will mean that the PS4 will start up faster and all games saved on the hard drive will also have shorter loading times which is a reason why some people have gone with SSD's because they are unbelievably fast.

PS4 system update for new hard drive upgrade

Upgrade PS4 HDD



World's tallest sandcastle in Rio, Brasil


10 Stunning and Strange Buildings from all over the world

1. Pabellon de Aragon (Zaragoza)

2. Eden project (United Kingdom)

3. Royal Ontario Museum Expansion (Toronto, Canada)

4. John Curtin School of Medical Research (Australia)

5. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Nice, France)

6. Kunsthaus (Graz, Austria)

7. State Department for Traffic (Tbilis, Georgia)

8. Tenerife Concert Hall (Canary Islands, Spain)

9. Berlin Zeiss Planetarium (Berlin, Germany)

10. Montreal Biosphère (Canada)


Picture and video of a ultra small house in Japan, best houses in the world

Source: CNN

Best Houses Photo

He spent approximately $500,000 to build his home, a bargain for a brand new home in Tokyo, one of the world's most expensive cities. Moriya could have rented a bigger apartment, but he desperately wanted to be a homeowner. With a limited budget but a desire to be a landowner, Moriya found his compromise.